Forever Yours is a boutique agency that designs and prints funeral stationery for people like you who are looking for a tribute that is created especially for their loved one.

I, Tehani Buchanan, am the owner of Forever Yours and your main point of contact.

Our aim is to create unique funeral programs or booklets that contain the order of service (the program for the day) and if you wish, recall aspects of the life of your loved one. There is a growing trend at funerals (or celebrations of a life) to do more than provide the bereaved with an order of service. Today most people want to offer a lasting tribute to the person who has died. This ‘gift’ is lovingly given at the farewell and may include photos, favourite poems and quotes, an obituary, illustrations, anecdotes; you are limited only by your imagination. Talk to us about all the possibilities. We will guide and inspire you.

You can have confidence that my team and I will treat you with understanding and respect. I am often asked what motivated me to establish Forever Yours. At the heart of it, is the desire to bring a little joy to families at a very difficult time.

The business had bittersweet beginnings. In the space of several years I lost two close family members. Unable to find service sheets that were right for our loved ones, our family decided to create our own. The response to our grandmother’s and godmother’s funeral programs was overwhelming. We were asked if we could design similar tributes for others, and so, Forever Yours was born. 

We design remembrance booklets and order of service sheets that you’ll want to retain not only because they capture the life of your loved one in words, but because they’re beautiful to look at too. Having grown up in a creative family – my father is a painter, a sister is an interior architect and two other siblings are painters and illustrators – I really value good design. Even if you don’t have photos, we can work together to create a memorial sheet you’ll treasure, forever.

Forever Yours is sensitive to people of all ethnicities and beliefs. I am of mainly Cook Island and Scottish ancestry and also have a knowledge of Te Reo Māori; this may be particularly helpful to some clients.