A simple three-step process and your funeral stationery will be delivered to your door
within a couple of days.

Step One: 

The first thing to do is to purchase an existing design or if you like, contact us for a custom designed funeral program. When you purchase, you'll be prompted to complete our design brief form. It's easy to fill out and lets us know what you have in mind for your loved one's funeral program.

We ask you questions such as what content you'd like in your loved one's funeral program, when and where the service is to be held and how many copies you wish to order if we're doing the printing. We also request that you send us any photos you've chosen. You're welcome to talk to us on the phone or send us an email at any point. We're here to guide you.

If we are doing the printing, we'll provide you with a costing for the printing once we've received your completed design brief and send you an invoice by email with instructions on how to pay. 

Step Two:

Once we've received your design brief, we begin designing your funeral program. 

A first draft is emailed to you within 24 hours (excludes custom design). After you've viewed it, you let us know if you'd like us to make any adjustments to the content. We make the requested changes and send you a second draft. Again, you let us know if you'd like further changes (if any). We then send you the final proof. We allow for two sets of changes; if you require more than this, there will be additional charges.

Step Three:

Once you've approved the final proof, we will either send you the final PDF file for you to print your loved one's funeral program yourself or we will forward your design to the printer with details of the paper or card stock we've agreed upon.

The printing takes about 24 hours. We then courier the copies to the address you have specified.

For those living outside NZ, we will email you a print-ready digital file of your funeral program to give to your chosen printer. 

*We ask that you thoroughly check all details such as spelling, names and dates, addresses etc. before printing. This is VERY important especially if your funeral program is in a language other than English.

*Please refer to our terms and conditions of trade. Thank you.