Hi...welcome to our blog

Welcome to our blog for Forever Yours. This blog will be the place for exploring and fleshing out what we do, sharing ideas, design inspo, random ramblings and all those taboo/kinda scary stuff about death you don't really talk about but really want to know. 

Death is sometimes an awkward and touchy subject to talk about, but I hope to break down some of these barriers and answer any questions you may have. Whether it be about great funeral program design, to different cultural customs around death. Let's share our experiences, the good, the bad, the ugly and the humorous. It's personal, yes, but it is also something we all go through at some point in our lives so let's converse and get comfortable with talking about it.

Our blog will be relevant for anyone who is organizing a funeral, working within the funeral/death care industry (i.e. funeral directors and funeral homes), as well as, graphic designers and those generally curious about what we or the funeral industry do. We hope to answer a lot of your musings so subscribe to our newsletter to receive our blog straight to your inbox. 

Love and light xx


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